Viewing Album: Project 2015 Dongying, Shandong, China

Another very successful project recently undertaken by Kingsforce whereby the team outsourced by us has made us proud. Our team of professionals came together to this project in small district of Dongying, Shandong, a province NE of China, to represent our Client Saudi Aramco and is tasked to oversee fabrication of an onshore gas drilling rig and ensure a job well done.

This is what our client has said:

╔ ╔ ╔ I like your motivations about your employee actually your gifts encourage them to work harder in this field which they are do now. Their dedication and commitments was the reason for obtaining the highest possible quality in our project.

Saudi Aramco truly value and appreciate the services and efforts you have provided through the project stages. We are looking forward to working with you in the Future, ╝ ╝ ╝ Ahmad Al-Hemaidani.

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