General Enquiry

  1. Who is Kingsforce?

We are a boutique professional recruitment and employment agency and Human Resource Consultancy firm based in Singapore since 1994. Within this time, we have managed to build a pool of quality, targeted talents and established a close understanding and knowledge of the industry which covers diverse disciplines and almost all sectors and industries.

Our networks extend from South East Asian countries like Malaysia, Philippines, China, and India to the UK and the Emirates, too.

  1. Why create a jobs portal contradicts to Kingsforce’s business?

At Kingsforce, we always believe that social entrepreneurship is the key to a sustainable business.  This jobs portal  is created to fulfill our vision in getting employers and jobseekers connected to discuss about employment opportunities with great ease and convenience.  We feel a sense of achievement when we see jobseekers get employment through this portal.

Should you are unable to find your ideal job in our portal, we do appreciate your trying but suggest that you visit other popular portals like those  as appended follows:

  1. How can Kingsforce help my company search for candidates?

There are two ways we can help you.

a)         Register your company and post jobs on this site. A registered employer will receive non-accumulative 10 postings each calendar month. By default, each job posted if not manually withdrawn will expire 30 days from the date of posting.

b)         If you are not able to find your ideal candidate with our free posting service, you may want to consider using our Consultants-Assisted-Recruitment search and placement services and let our consultants find you your ideal candidate.

  1. Can I advertise on your website?

Yes, but please contact us at 65-6324-3828 for details.

  1. Who can I contact if I encounter any problems?

Please use the Quick Contact Us function and drop us a note or call us at 65-6324-3828.

  1. Can Kingsforce help in Work Permit & Employment Pass Services?

We are online with Ministry of Manpower (MOM) labournet & can process work permit via the labournet and have the result known the next day. Please call us at 65-6324-3828.

  1. What are the terms of use?

To view the terms of use, please "Click here".



  1. How can I use Kingsforce's Jobs Portal?

Simple, just follow our registration process and begin using the system immediately once you have successfully registered. Register now "Click here"

  1. What are the benefits of using Kingsforce's Jobs Portal?

a) The service is absolutely free of charge;

b) The system is very user-friendly which helps you to reach out to a wide selection of jobs from various sectors and industries and your choice of employers;

c) You will get e-mail alert of jobs based on a set of parameters selected by you.

d) Submit job applications online and keep a history of your job applications.

e) Register your interest for jobs and our team of consultants will be in touch with you soon for any good matching opportunity.

  1. As a jobseeker, do I have to pay?

It is absolutely free.

  1. I am an existing user, what do I need to do to use the system again?

You will need to use your ID and password to login to the system again. These are the same as those used when for you registered.


 Employers and Partners

  1. What are the benefits of using Kingsforce’s Jobs Portal?

a) If you care to spend time and resources, we provide you this jobs portal to do job posting generally free of charge. We give you 10 non-accumulative credits per month, and from the applications received, find your ideal candidates to fill your jobs.

 Not only it is cost-effective, the system is designed to relieve you of burdens of finding the right employees at the right time.

b) When you receive applications from candidates, the resumes are correlated and filed away nicely in your own database records which you can administer, manage and monitor the whole recruitment process, and the status updated accordingly; which records are kept and can be accessed anytime as long as your account remains registered.

  1. As an employer, do I have to pay?

The service is generally free of charge.

  1. How can I start to use Kingsforce’s Jobs Portal?

Simple, just follow our registration process and begin using the system immediately once you have successfully registered. For a locally registered company, you will need a company's incorporation certificate for registration. Please have a soft copy of it ready before you start your registration.

  1. How many users can my company have?

The first person who is doing the registration must have been given the authority by the company to do so. He or she will be the authorized person representing the company and be responsible for the account. Through the authorized person, many users can be added but we will suggest a maximum of three, so total four.

  1. Can I feature my company on your portal?

Yes, please call us at 65-63243828 for details and discussion.